The Rugby Dungeon is the studio where we make the Eggchasers Rugby Podcast (ERP) and the Rugby Dungeon Podcast (RDP).

With well over a million listens and growing rapidly, our weekly podcasts have more than 220,000 listens every month.

Thanks to our podcast hosting partners we know our demographic, how long they listen for, and most importantly what they like to listen to. It’s no surprise then that Eggchasers is the world’s largest rugby podcast.

We are fully integrated into the rugby community and whether you want the scatter gun opinions of fans who “don’t take themselves or the game to seriously” via Eggchasers or the views of top players, coaches, pundits, agents and the people that run the game from the Rugby Dungeon we have something for you.

We’re always open to new corporate opportunities and welcome building new links and partnerships. Just ask our existing partners; we’ve successfully worked together with varying sized business of many different types across a range of industries, such as the likes of Canterbury, Cornerstone, BT Sport, and Field and Flower.

We’re able to personalise and target your message across not only our latest podcast but also all of our back episodes (40% of all listens are back episodes).

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